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How To Create Your Own Website After Google May Core Update 2020?

With the technological advancement in our lives today, it enables us to achieve more and more tasks, but we don’t even realize how complex they are.  For example, today when we want to see a recipe we just pick our smartphone, open YouTube, type the name of the dish and start watching. When a five-year-old baby of this 21st century can easily download the game from Play Store and start playing, how much things seem easy to us. And this has happened only because of the developers and technology-lovers IT people who have brought technology in front of us and made everything so simple.

Hence, when you think about how to create your own website, you browse and start making your dream into reality. Thanks to the evolution of the website builders, amazing developers and designers, and some free tools that you can use to build your website. If you are thinking about making a website, you must be aware of the benefits of having a website and rest you will gain from this blog.

Google is the king of search engines today, and everyone wants to come on the top page of it. However, this demands for lots of efforts, the trust of customers, and a good online reputation, apart from these basics, your content should be updated and use SEO to improve ranking.

Recently, Google has come up with its latest May core update algorithm, this is the second update of the year 2020. And if you are thinking to start a new website now, then you should design it according to the update. Here in this blog, you will learn- how to create a website according to Google may core update 2020.

Step-By-Step Guide To Design A Website

To start an online business first you need an online presence, you need to create your virtual shop that is a website. After that various step comes such as- creating content, doing SEO, SEM and a lot to attract people. This is true that you can target a huge audience with a website, but first, you need to build a great one and should know how to market online.

Building a website demands lots of hard work, time, and knowledge, but sometimes some business fails because they don’t have experience. Hence is such cases you can also take the help of the website developing companies that can help you in creating your website. The companies not only design and develop a platform for you to showcase your products or services on, but they also manage the post-developing work.

While creating a website you need to do a lot of work, hence see the list below and prepare for creating your website.

  1. Know your goal
  2. Choose website builder
  3. Define your layout
  4. Claim a domain name
  5. Gather content
  6. Add right pages
  7. Make SEO strategy
  8. Make your website easy to reach
  9. Mobile optimization
  10. Launch your website

Now you have a list, let us start one-by-one and explain all these things that are essential for you to create a website.

1. Know Your Goals

So, the first thing you need to find out is- ‘Your Goals’. You have to be crystal clear with your goals, if you have more than one goal and targeting all of those at a time, then it will leave your customers, as well as Google, confused. There are so many ideas either you can choose one or can create your own to provide unique service to the people.

Whether you have an e-commerce website, learning website, service website, a content website, or anything, just remember you need to keep your idea and goal clear. All the elements on your site should serve that overarching purpose. For example, if your website purpose it to gifts online, then you should use different techniques to support that, be creative with your gifting and packing ideas, start a blog section to give more information on that, you can even add personalized option, and many other to attract audience attention.

If you know that your goal is to attract customers and take them to the checkpoint, so encourage them indirectly to buy your stuff.

Keep in mind that Google bots and users want to understand about your website in just a glance. If you put so many different things at a place, they can get confused.

2. Choose Website Builder

Now that’s great you are clear with your idea! Next, you need to push yourself to choose a platform where you are going to build your website. Well, there are a lot of tools and platforms such as CMS- to create, personalize, and publish a website.

If you don’t have much knowledge you can ask the website designing company to guide you with the best platform to create a website. As you can see that there are tones of platforms are available in the market, but now all website builders are equal. When you are not sure which one to use, you should ask the expert as they can guide you to choose #1 out of all the best website builders.

3. Define Your Layout

Remember my friend: “the first impression is the last impression”!

You may have heard this million times, but the line is also applicable to sites. This is a fact that within 50 milliseconds for visitors is enough to judge a website. When they land of the page see the visual structure of your pages- or in other words the layout of the website. Hence, this fact teaches us that the ‘Layout’ of a website is also very important.

So to set it on the right foot, you can pick a template on which to base your layout. You can choose any template depending on your choice, your business style, color theme, and ideas. They are pre-designed layouts created by the designers.

However, if you want to design your template you can do that as well if you have the complete knowledge about designing a template for the website. In your template, you can customize color, text, images, and so on.

While creating your website when you search for free templates,  you will find so many websites that provide a huge list of designs. You can choose between the multi-page template and single-page one, if your website has a hefty amount of content, then go with multi-page one.

However, for the less textual content to display, you may want to go for a one-page website.

A great start for choosing the right template is, to browse over the internet, visit your competitors’ website, and jot down the ideas that you like. You can browse social media platforms such as Pinterest for the design inspiration.

4. Claim Your Domain Name

When you are ready with your template, website idea, and platform, now it’s time to choose your domain name. if you don’t know what domain name is- then it is your address on the internet using which people browsing over the internet will land on your website.

Choosing the right domain name has half of the points of your success. The right domain name also helps search engines to understand what your website is about. When everything is clear, users remember your website name and this positive impact on your SEO.

Now you must be thinking that how to choose an effective domain name, well follow below guide to make it memorable:

  • Make it short, because the longer it is there are chances that users misspell it.
  • Avoid including special characters, numbers, and symbols.
  • To avoid any confusion, make sure that your domain name should be appropriate to your business.
  • You can Include words related to your business to make the domain name relevant and easy to understand.

5. Gather Content

Content on the website plays an important role because the visitors who are landing on your page need something to read to understand about your services or products. For example; if you have an e-commerce website, then your website should include product descriptions, as this encourages visitors to understand the product and buy it. But if you don’t put any content or write product descriptions, visitors won’t buy your products.

If your website you can also start a blog page, in that you can give information about your products or services. Include informative blogs for giving some knowledge to your visitors, educate them with new ideas, multiple-use, and so on things. This will make your website trustworthy, and when visitors start liking your website and pay more visits to it, then you will see the power of the content.

A good content-rich website is also appreciated by Google and other search engines, because the website who has the best information of all, search engines rank them on top of their search engine result page. In Google core may update, you will learn that those websites who have good content quality have survived this update.

Always put quality first over quantity!

6. Add Right Pages

We believe that every business is unique and so on every website. However, still, there are some traditional page sections that every visitor expects to see on your page. The landing page or you can say the Home page is essential, as it is a summary of What You Do on this website. It is the page that gives you the chance to make an impression on your visitors. Make sure it includes the most crucial information, action buttons, and more. Keep it clear because remember this is the first page on which your visitor will land.

Service page: It is the page where you show your products, services, their visitors will discover about your business and what you have to offer them. If they are convinced, there are chances that they will take your service, or buy your product. To create a service webpage you should include high-quality photos on that, write precise and put engaging service and be transparent about your conditions.

Next comes the About Us page, there you will tell about yourself, how you started, who is in your team, how you work and all. This page is essential because when visitors want to know about you, they visit the About Us page.

Do research, see your competitors, and jot down the points for service pages and add pages that are going to help you in your business.

7. Make SEO Strategy

The next step includes making an SEO strategy that could work best with the kind of business you have. For this, you can take SEO Services help, as they have professionals, and the different departments to handle everything. Making a strategy by keeping all Google updates in mind, you need to do a lot of research and hard work.

While strategy also includes improving the on-page as well as off-page. Aso after launching your website you have to focus on both the parts. Search engine optimization includes lots of things such as Keyword research, content marketing, local SEO, backlinks, internal linking, Alt text, and more.

After employing SEO strategy you also need to check the analysis and see how much your strategy giving you benefits.

8. Make Your Website Easy to Reach

These days when the competition everywhere is so high, your one mistake can give a great loss. Therefore, making your website accessible to everyone is the only thing that can keep you ahead. A truly professional website should be accessible to everyone, as this ensures that all the people can comfortably experience and interact with your website.

First, you need to jot down what problems generally visitors face, then work on them and ensure that those faults don’t appear on your website. Now, look at those parameters using which you can improve your website accessibility.

The site should be operable, write alt text, use heading tags, and much more. Increasing accessibility will increase engagement with visitors.

9. Mobile Optimization

As today most of the browsing done on phone, and this has minimized the use of desktop so this increases the chance for the developers to make their website mobile-friendly.

Google also prefers websites who are mobile friendly and can be easily accessible in smartphones and tablets. For today’s users, it is important for them that website gives them a seamless browsing experience across all the devices. To create your website and to optimize it for mobile, you can take the help of the professional developers to do that for you.

10. Launch Your Website

When everything seems fine and nicely done, now it’s time to launch your website. If you think some points are still to be done, don’t worry you can do that alongside launching. After launching now you need to make announcements and tell your potential customer that you are online now, by releasing a press release, making social presence will also attract more new customers.

Don’t think your work is done after launching your website, still, you need to do the regular maintenance of your website. Keep it up-to-date and whenever a Google core update comes to stay ready for it to survive, and by chance, if the ranking dip, re-analyze, do a site audit, and see what content needs editing. This will help you in maintaining your website.

Keep on coming us with new ideas, including what your customers want from you, and keep on analyzing the growth performance.


Having a website in 2020 is very important because in this pandemic situation people are more active online and after that, there going to be more opportunities. Adding something new to your idea and staying up-to-date with your website makes a difference.

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